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About us
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Our company is a textile household products development, production, sales for the integration of textile science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, operating a famous international brand.At the beginning of the 21st century, with the popularity of cross-stitch in European countries and the development of strong momentum and let the company focus on the cross to embroider the emerging industry.The uniqueness of the Chinese market and huge potential, and attract the company top decision in "kingdom of silk" - China, key investment and development.Through the company has its own design team, professional eye pop elements, design a large number of unique high quality design, leading the fashion trend, keep sustained competitive advantage.
In May 2012, the company has set up a leading industry with super color expressive force and extremely gorgeous pictures of 3 d precision cross-stitch, make cross-stitch more depth and realism, cross-stitch, greatly increasing the artistic value and ornamental value, for the Chinese cross-stitch industry turn over a new leaf.Otherwise, chairman of the company, Mr Li Jingfu original patent product auspicious creative name cross-stitch, spreading the culture of China in five thousand, for the progress made an indelible contribution to the development of folk culture.Auspicious creative name cross-stitch, let the name of each of the romantic, warm, melt filled with love, let the name of each person different, let love eternal.And has the domestic advanced level of production technology and technology exquisite powerful team, high-quality environmental protection raw and auxiliary materials, at a cost of tens of millions of the introduction of digital high-tech machinery and equipment, the European digital printing technology and international special water-soluble ink of environmental protection, science and technology and ISO9001:2008 quality control system to make our hundred precision printing products quality get the reliable guarantee, let the royal family, love art become consumers trust the brand.In 2012, the royal family love art, cross-stitch is audited by China light product quality safeguard center selection for "3 · 15 China cross-stitch brand, the national quality notary top ten brand" and other honorary titles.Especially mention is, for many years accumulation of high-quality brand image, let the royal family, love cross-stitch art not only by the vast number of embroider the love of friends, and get the favour of international star CAI yilin and collection.Royal family, the love art cross-stitch, cross-stitch industry promotes the development and progress, rich folk culture, make contributions to the harmonious development of society, finally realizes "the royal who love art to play happy life, let love cycle, let love world".
In November 2012, the company meeting room, chairman of the board of directors and the international star CAI yilin holding company one of the original patent product auspicious creative name cross-stitch "CAI" word.

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